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Company Brief

Established in 2003, Ridgepole Enterprises Ltd. is a 100% local private limited company and is a leading multi-industry provider with an outstanding reputation for product outsourcing, service, and customer relations.

We take pride of serving major government of Kenya’s institutions, departments, agencies and non-governmental organizations especially those occupied with relief work and supplies.


Our motto is to focus all efforts to consistently deliver quality and service which exceeds the toughest demands and scheduling. We do this by employing tactical business outsourcing models, ROIs and best practice .


From the beginning, our company has provided direct benefit to our clients through competitive pricing, scalable capabilities, and building quality partnerships. Through our widely recognizable strengths, Ridgepole maintains the technical expertise, professionalism, and financial capacity to succeed on the largest and deemed most mission-critical energy requirements using safe agile methodologies.

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Our treasured passion

We, at Ridgepole Enterprises  Ltd are passionate about 7 things:-

  1. We value your business, like it was ours. By Keeping our promises to our clients, and maintaining a subtle, corporate esque that ensures maximization of professionalism and standard business ethics

  2. We offer tips and professional advice at no additional cost and work with you to uncover the right-sized solution for your business

  3. A focus on customer satisfaction. Making lasting impressions, friends (not merely clients), and creating promoters.

  4. With appropriate product Knowledge, we assure clients of ability to render services 100% as expected at the most optimal cost.

  5. We operate with fidelity to a documented service charter - read our customer service policy. We believe that honesty and integrity have very high returns. Our teams are committed and dedicated to moral and professional ethics that are the cornerstone of our success.

  6.  Iterative Change – Achieve the ideal solutions through incremental steps. Increasing knowledge, understanding and excellence in our field of enterprise.

  7. Team work - This is notable at our office and in the field. Getting things done and helping others achieve their goals is pivotal to what we do.



our passion

OurCore Values

Value for Money
Value for Money

Zero tolerance to exploitation and corruption. We seek to give value for money


Our product knowledge and years of experience is a beacon to our clients. Our highly qualified office and field team ensures proper documentation and timely delivery 


We NEVER switch genuine products with generic parts products and strictly adhere to a client's order and request for alternatives.


We do the best we can to provide alternatives when clients' choices are not available and work to provide unable or temporary permanent solutions.

and this is

Our Promise

It is our purpose to offer quality service and satisfied customers when you choose our company. We seek to build valuable relationships with our customers and suppliers, through through listening, delivering customer requests, and honoring work schedules.

Our company's character is reflected in our documented service charter, excellent customer service policy, and HR policies that reflect diversity and inclusion with a common purpose to serve our communities and take care of our environment.

Talented Staff

Information desk, skilled technicians and installers

Wide Product Range

Major world class brands, products and after sales service

Emerging Technologies

Knowledge on emerging trends and changes

Work Safety

A documented environmental, health & safety policy

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